At the beginning of the twentieth century the “De Lucca” and “Galerato” families came from the Piemonte region with a long tradition of vine cultivation and wine making. With the same spirit as our forefather we pursue their traditions by continually seeking those subtle improvements in viticulture and winemaking methods that ensure we meet our customer’s highest expectations. Reinaldo De Lucca, the present director of the business, is a passionate worker and wine academic. Involved in the day to day work and managment of the business, he has qualification from three universities, Montpelier, Penn State and Montevideo.

We practice a great respect for our environment, honouring all the natural resources borrowed from God. In order to achieve and maintain the equilibrium between nature and vines we practice a system of reasoned production. This means the vines are well exposed to the sunshine as they share the land, water and fresh air with the local natural environment that surrounds them. This style of artisan, yet strict, management that respects the ecosystem makes it possible to obtain grapes of the highest quality for those who truly love genuinely original, living wine.


De Lucca remains a family business , the director is Ing.Agr.Reinaldo De Lucca, third generation. Graduated in University of Pennsylvania and he completed his Ph.D in viticulture at the University of Montpellier. His daughter Agostina De Lucca participate in the management of the winery.